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Exciting Vampire Series

Are you one of those people who love the influx of vampire stories, movies, television shows currently on the market? If so, The Forever Darkness series is one you want to be certain to read. Beginning with the first novel, Forever Undead, this series tells the story of a family man who finds himself bitten by a vampire one night - quite against his will, so that he must make the decision - does he go home to his wife and children and tell them what happened to him and hope they understand and support him? Or does he leave without a word, letting them believe him dead or worse, an uncaring louse who decided to dessert his family?

The decision is a difficult one for him, but ultimately he decides that if he goes home he could end up feeding off his wife or one of his children, if the hunger grew too strong for him. That is something he could never bear to live with.

His life forever changed from that night onward, he moves from his home state of Washington to Los Angeles, California. After all, what better place to locate those who deserve to be fed off than a city teeming with drug pushers, rapists and child molesters? But fate hasn't finished with him yet. This former family man, now renamed Phoenix, due to his "rising from the flames" of vampiric rebirth, discovers a whole new world among the undead in Los Angeles. And not all of them lean toward his well-being as a newly turned vampire.

Follow the exploits of Phoenix through the next book featuring his exploits, Forever the Dark Grave (though this is the third book of this series). In Forever the Dark Grave, Phoenix finds himself in a new dilemma, working toward combating the soldiers of Cyrus, the vampiric "overlord" who captured and tortured him in the previous book, as well as coping with changes in his inner abilities and additions to those who become his associates among the undead.

Nothing remains static in these novels of the vampire life, er, unlife.

The second book in this series is Darkness in the Light, wherein a young man, one Nic Draca, is attacked and turned into a vampire by an unknown sire who also tattoos Nic with a design that covers most of the left side of his face. Waking in a large puddle in an alley and finding the tattoo on his face is bad enough, but when he discovers he also has a hunger for drinking human blood - straight from the original "packaging", he grows understandably concerned.

Not knowing how to cope with his new existence, Nic decides to end his life by exposing himself to the morning sun as it rises from the east. Circumstances prevent this self-destruction and he is thrown into a world where half of those who are of his same vampiric Kind seek his destruction as well as the lifting of the "veil", that covenant among all vampires that requires them to remain hidden from the world of humans, while the other half seeks to protect him, thus keeping the veil of secrecy intact.

Follow Nic Draca as he learns why he was turned into a vampire and what he can do to possibly prevent his complete and utter destruction.

The sequel to Darkness in the Light, titled Darkness in the Draca Legacy, is currently being written as the fourth book in this series, with the fifth book, which will tie all the loose strings together between the two separate realms of these vampires, Forever Darkness, soon to follow.

Later we hope to bring you a collection of vampiric short stories based upon the vampire-themed bar introduced in Darkness in the Light, entitled, Vapir Sange, Dark Tales From the Blood Bar. Watch for all these titles on Smashwords (and all affiliate distributors of eBooks) and Amazon.

While you are looking for new eBooks to read, consider the following: Kissing in the Dark by Wendy Lindstrom, also on

KISSING IN THE DARK by Wendy Lindstrom. $2.99 from
A man of fierce integrity, Sheriff Duke Grayson is shocked when he discovers his beautiful wife Faith lied about her identity and is hiding from a man with the power to destroy their family—and Duke's fine reputation as a lawman. Torn between his code of honor and his love for Faith, Duke must put everything on the line when the man from Faith's past finds her.

Also consider Of the People by Richard F. West, available on

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