Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Parallel Worlds Exist?

"Jump Into a Universe of Infinite Possibilities.
The billionaire you. The inventor you. The athletic you. In alternate universes, everything you desire has already taken place. Tap into this infinite potential with Quantum  Jumping."

 This is the tag line introducing a new system that makes the claim that parallel worlds actually exist and that we here on this Earth can visit or view what our "other selves" have already done so that we can see what we can do or be or achieve - whatever.

There are many claims involving parallel worlds on the site where I found the intro tag above. None of them seem any more real or fact-based than the stories I have already written based upon parallel worlds. Not that my stories are the first to be based upon this imaginative concept. Oh, no. For many years before I was even born stories were written concerning alternate worlds where each of us has identical twins. Even the original Star Trek came up with an alternate world episode (Which I enjoyed and wished they had based an entire series on). So the "belief" in parallel dimensions is not a new thought. What is new is the idea that humans on this world (or any of the alternate worlds) can see what was done by their alternate selves so they can copy what "they" have done over there.

Doesn't that strike you as being a little lazy? "I don't want to actually go through the process of writing a book, so I'll see what one of my other selves has written and just copy his efforts". That's plagiarism! Even if I copy what "I" wrote in another universe, it's still plagiarism. And laziness.

Actually, Jimmy Olsen (Superman's Pal) did this very thing in an old comic book (of the same name). He saw into the future and found that he had written a best seller. So he read it there and wrote it in the present (?). But did he really write if, it he didn't actually put the thought and effort into travailing over each and every word and phrase?

Parellel worlds is something that seriously fascinates me, but to make the claim that, "In alternate universes, everything you desire has already taken place", is preposterous. The things I desire are what I write my stories about - becoming a superhero, gaining great and awesome powers that would astound mankind. This is what I desire. And according to the guy who makes the claim I quoted, "I" have already done exactly that - in other dimensions.

Someone get a straight jacket for this guy!

Yes, in my novels, Parallel, XKALIBUR, Rebirth of the Gods, and Superion, I utilize the concept of alternate universes and similar people living on those worlds. But do I believe "I" actually exist on "worlds within worlds" where every time I make a decision a new world comes into being? Ah, didn't I say above how absurd this notion was? What happens when I get up each morning and decide to eat oatmeal instead of pancakes or waffles or bacon and eggs? According to the guy who made the beginning claim on this blog post, "Every decision you make in life causes a "split" in reality". That's Him talking, not me. According to "him" a new world is created wherein I eat pancakes - and oatmeal - and bacon and eggs - and waffles - and...give me a break. New worlds are created when I make a decision as to what I will eat for breakfast? How about what color socks I wear? Or what color T-shirt? Or even my underwear?

See what I am saying here? These claims are preposterous at best - ridiculously absurd to the extreme at worst. Why would new creations of worlds come into being just because of a simple decision like, "Hmmm, do I want to buy hamburger or chicken today?" There must be bazillions upon bazillions of worlds for each and every one of us who has ever lived. And since we all inhabit those worlds at the same time (as long as we are alive and didn't decide to jump off a cliff), that would mean there would be multiples of multiples or worlds being created where Henry drove to work - or took the bus - or walked - or rode a bike, but his wife Emily stayed home "sick" and made out with the mailman - or the kid who mows the lawn - or the hot babe next door...

While parallel worlds is an excellent source for writing new books, it makes totally stupid "valley girl" philosophy. Don't buy into this crap. Instead, buy my books that deal with it in a much more imaginative manner. You knew I had to get into plugging my books somehow, right?

Until next time - Keep your brain on this Earth, and read.

Jacob M. Drake
CEO - President
Crescent Suns Publishing

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