Friday, July 6, 2012

Delicious Food and Great Service

Over this past Fourth of July holiday my wife and I went out to the Pacific Ocean (Ocean Shores off the southwest coast of Washington State) for two days. We booked our room at the Quality Inn and although the rates were good (senior citizen/AARP discount applied) and the service was good, the bed was atrocious. We both spent two nights of tossing and turning and being grumpy in the morning and my wife is the type who can sleep anywhere easily. Not here she wasn't. I'm a light sleeper, but once I get to sleep I sleep well and soundly. I never found much in the way of slumber these two nights at this place.

In contrast to our sleeping arrangements, we ate at several restaurants and I have to say that the Home Port restaurant was excellent in every detail. Both times we ate there, for lunch the first time and a late breakfast the second time, we had the same server, Beverly, who was a fun, fireball of a lady with a louder than loud voice, but fun to quip back and forth with and did an excellent job in providing our meals for us.

For lunch the first day my wife ordered the crab sandwich (Of course, as she is a huge crab fan and will eat crab anywhere, anytime if it is available). She had a crab sandwich at another restaurant the previous day and wasn't nearly as pleased with that which she was served at Home Port. She ate every bite and enjoyed it all.

I ordered the Reuben sandwich, which is something I thoroughly enjoy, but often am disappointed with. It seems not everyone knows how to make a Reuben the way it should be made. The Home Port not only makes a great Reuben, but excels in this particular sandwich. I ate every bite as well and licked my fingers clean.

The next morning, once we had everything packed up and in our car and had checked out of the "Restless Sleep Inn" we headed back to the Home Port, hoping to get breakfast. We made it barely in time, as it seems they quit serving breakfast at 11:30 am and it was 11:26 when we walked in. Surprisingly, we had Beverly as our server once more and she remembered us (A plus in a server) and treated us appropriately, which means she insulted me and let me know she tried to have us seated elsewhere, but what she could she really do about it, eh? My kind of server.

This time my wife had the crab omelet (told you, didn't I?) and I had the biscuits and gravy with two eggs (over easy) and sausage links. Once again my wife was working hard to finish off her omelet, not wanting to leave any of that delicious concoction on her plate, though she was overly full when she finished and couldn't even stop for a latte afterward. I hummed and practically sang as I chomped on every bite of my breakfast and really should have remembered to ask to have my eggs placed on top of the biscuits and gravy, as this is how I like them best. The flavor was delicious, the thickness of the gravy was perfect (not soup-thin and not so thick it was brick mortar) and flavorful and the sausages were two short, but thick little fatties that were packed with deliciousness.

Everything was great at the Home Port restaurant, so if you are ever in the Ocean Shore's area of Washington State, stop in and say hi to Beverly while you discover how truly great their food is.

Mmm - mmmm, good!

* * *

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