Friday, February 11, 2011

Dragons of Starlight

Dragons of Starlight is a new fantasy/science fiction series written by author Bryan Davis. In his first offering for this blend of technology and magic, Starlighter, we are introduced to the main characters:

Jason Masters is a young man raised in a society wherein technology and swordsmanship go hand-in-hand. He is so adept in handling swords, in fact, that he is chosen to be the new bodyguard for the governor of his realm once Jason's older brother leaves on a mysterious quest, one which no one knows the truth about, because it involves locating the lost portal that allows people from this world, Darksphere, to cross over to the world of the dragons, Starlight. But Jason finds his new position embroils him in a covert game of espionage as the governor he is sworn to protect is murdered - and Jason is blamed for his death.

Fleeing for his life he finds his way into the dungeons under the governor's castle and locates a girl he grew up with, who was reported to have been killed by bears. He also befriends an aged man who claims to be able to lead them to the portal that traverses these worlds - and the old man is telling the truth.

As Jason and his comrades make the journey from one world to the other, on Starlight
 a girl named Koren is finding herself becoming more involved in the dragon politics of her society where the dragons are the masters and the humans, descendants from the Lost Ones, who were taken from Darksphere ages past, are slaves. Koren discovers within her self an ability to make ghostly images appear as she tells stories of the past. These images enchant the dragons who hear her tales, allowing her to escape in the hopes of finding the young man - Jason Masters - she saw in a vision. Though she does not know if this vision was real or imaginary, Koren believes and hopes that her quest to find Jason will result in freeing her people from enslavement to the dragons and return them to the world from whence they originated - Darksphere.

This imaginative action adventure, the first in the series, is fast-paced and action-packed. It will take you from one world to the other and back again as Jason and Koren and the others involved attempt to keep themselves from the politics of both dragons and humans in order to free the enslaved and restore both worlds to an order long lost.

Starlighter by Bryan Davis is a fun and exciting read for old and young alike. Place it on your reading list.

Weaver Of Darkness by Melissa L. Webb. $0.99 from
When evil comes for the ones you love, who will you choose to be? Liss Taylor always suspected she was a little different than other people, between the nightmares of desolate wastelands and the tattoo of an arrow she was born with; but when one of Liss' friends dies at the teeth of a Raggedy Ann doll as a warning to her, she knows she is anything but normal.

The Minded Man by Robert Reid. $3.99 from
Brothers Rob and E-roy live in a post-technological future world tended by robotic "Personals". Their lives revolve around sports and pleasure until some robot-hating "Selfie" farmers bring E-roy into their secret, subversive Plan. The brothers soon face life-changing events that open new possibilities for serious romance, and for personal tragedy. Can ambition and honesty win against machines?

Houses in Africa by Alma Alexander. $3.99 from
When she was 10, Alma Alexander was taken from her quiet, safe corner of old Europe and deposited into an exotic new world. She writes about about her 20 years in Africa with the awe and wonder of the child that she was, and the eye for nuance and detail that makes her the great novelist and essayist that she became.

Midnight Theatre: Tales of Terror by Greg Chapman. $0.99 from
What chills your blood? Vampires? Zombies? How about a tour of Hell? Do you dare to step inside the mind of a madman? This is a taste of some of the tales of terror by dark fiction author Greg Chapman.

An Occupation of Angels by Lavie Tidhar. $3.99 from
After Archangels materialize over the bloodbaths of WWII, they take up residence in most of the world’s major cities. But what would happen if, more than quarter of a century later, something somehow managed to kill these supreme beings?

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