Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rousing Family Situation

Cover for 'Who's My Daddy?'    I know the last eBook I reviewed was of the erotica genre, but it was submitted to me and it was so well written I had to review it here. This one is no different and like the last in that it is well-written and done in a style that evinces the passions that many feel and have to reveal or burst asunder; it also is published under the erotica genre.

"Where's My Daddy?" is a provocative tale from the point of view of Jennifer, the main character in this story by first time indie author Whiskey McNaughton. Ah, right. Nickname or pen name, perhaps? Anyway, the story is told in the first person and does a great job of getting the personal view across in everything from the dysfunctionality of Jennifer's family to her discovering she's actually adopted, which for her is a good thing, because she's always been somewhat attracted to her dad. Now she knows why. Perhaps something inside her had always told her that there was more to this man than she knew of him as her father figure?

This story is definitely not for anyone under the age of 18 and perhaps not for many over that age who feel there are certain subjects that have barriers up protecting them and those barriers should never be breached. This is most likely one of those taboo areas where most societies would say, "Not according to our laws", but then, hasn't it long been said you can't legislate morality? I know I believe that. Politicians might make laws about many things, but the moral views I, or anyone else, holds should not be among them.

In "Who's My Daddy?" Whiskey McNaughton tells a riveting tale of lust and passion and dreams fulfilled, even if they are somewhat in a grey area of morality. Sex is ex and none can deny its thrust, er, ah, I mean desire, right?

"Who's My Daddy?", by First time indie author Whiskey McNaughton on both Smashwords and Amazon. Some stories are meant to be told.

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