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Family Reunions Can Be FUN!!

Cover for 'The Boathouse'     This is a bit different for this review blog. Sure, I've reviewed short books and even short stories here and certainly had my share of erotica on these pages, but the subject matter of this story is a bit beyond what has graced these pages before. SO if you are any at all offended by material that touches on - okay, perhaps rips right through the boundaries of "moral deceny" set by most "cultured" societies today, please do NOT read any further. That said, I'll coninue.

I discovered a strange little gem on Facebook the other day and was pleased to read it. All I was doing was reading a story for another author who wanted to know what others thought before publishing her book. The book is titled, The Boathouse, by Brandie Buckwine. Hmmm, right there the author name should give you a clue as to what direction this story is about to turn. The kind of author name I like. It has a flair to it.

The Boathouse deals with three people who are cousins and played a lot together as children. As teens they "experimented" in certain forbidden areas with one another. Two of these cousins are male, the other is female. Fortunately they all get along. Perhaps too much so? That's up to the reader to decide. Then they grow up and don't see each other for a lot of years, at least the girl in the story doesn't see her male cousins. We don't know if they saw each other, but that's not important to the story. What is important is that they all get together as adults for a family reunion and get to meet up - all three together - after all these years.

Becky is the female lead in this story, with her cousins being Mark and Julian. As children they once skinny-dipped together in the lake adjacent to their grandparents' property. Well, Becky skinny-dipped. The boys only watched, after they had tricked her into thinking all of them were going to be swimming sans clothing. Boys will be boys, eh? Heh. As adults at the family reunion Mark decides he and Becky should re-enact that moment that defined his sexuality in a younger life. Only now there's a difference. He knows a lot more about sex and what he wants from his female cousin.

All right, I have no intention of spoiling your reading pleasure of this book, and I do mean pleasure, so I'll stop there on telling you about the contents of this book. The Boathouse is a great adventure into the forbidden passion of adulthood, even among family you get along well with. It's a topic that's taboo, but should it be? Certinaly there are many cultures where cousins are not only expected to marry, but are the best choices for spouses, since they ensure the purity of the bloodline. Certainly the Bible has many instances where the main people involved chose life partners from among their respective family members. Jacob going back to his mother's hometown and taking as his bride his cousin Rebecca springs to mind as one noteable example.

The Boathouse takes everything a bit further than simply marrying within a family, however - it involves a merging of three people, all uniquely related and interacting with one another in a way that guarantees to "lift your spirits", if you know what I mean. At least if you're male. The Boathouse dares to break down the barriers around one of the most forbidden aspects of sexuality and does it in a way that is both enjoyable and pleasurable. And I'm referring to the readers now, not the story participants.

Brandie Buckwine is an excellent storyteller with a great story to tell. Oh, and lest I forget to mention - this story is only 99 cents on Smashwords. That's right. You not only get exciting reading (in more ways than one), but you get it for only 99 cents. Rush on over to Smashwords and pick up your 99 cent copy of The Boathouse, by Brandi Buckwine, before they're all gone. Heh.

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